Product Data Intelligence:

The Art of Exploring Product Data to find Hidden Value.

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Advanced 3D shape search for engineers

Saves designers' time by rapid retrieval of proven
designs. Avoid costs associated with 'reinventing the wheel'.

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“Manufacturing is experiencing an industrial renaissance as a result of its application of business intelligence (BI) to discover and leverage data that is either hidden, or unappreciated.”

Manufacturing Moneyball, Forbes Magazine.

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ShapeSpace Labs:

Pushing the Boundaries of Product Data Search and Analysis.

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Engineering solutions

Most engineering companies generate lots of product-related data, but do not exploit this asset intelligently. ShapeSpace provides Product Data Intelligence (PDI): analysis and visualisation of product data for managers and engineers, leading to improved business performance through better strategic decisions.


ShapeSpace Labs


Software vendors and collaborators

ShapeSpace works with vendors and users to create solutions incorporating our existing ground-breaking technologies. Meanwhile, our R&D team continues to innovate through research projects with leading universities. We specialise in translating this research into commercial solutions.


Explore product data to find hidden value