ShapeSpace Labs

ShapeSpace Labs

Our technology

At the core of ShapeSpace’s technology is geometric search which allows parts to be retrieved and classified on the basis of their shape. Around this we have developed additional tools to store and reason about product structure and changes to data over time. These form the toolset which we apply to Product Data Intelligence projects and are also available via an API to ISV partners.

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Developing new technologies for analysis of product data

As a company committed to finding new methods of product related analyses, ShapeSpace constantly seeks new opportunities to work with partner organisations on all phases of development. These may be short term and offer immediate benefit or they may be longer term R&D based projects.

ShapeSpace staff are highly educated engineering and ICT professionals (the majority have PhDs) with a wide range of skills in business intelligence, search, geometric reasoning and information visualisation.  We are happy to engage with other teams to develop solutions to real business problems.

The options open to collaborators to work with ShapeSpace Labs are:

API Delivery

Company Collaborations

Special Projects and R&D