Executive Dashboarding

ShapeSpace develop tools that offer senior management further insight into the status of design and manufacturing processes. Our executive dashboards enable managers to monitor design projects and track initiatives such as variety reduction programmes.  Dashboards give clear up to date visualisations without the need for heavy investment in software licenses and training.


Case Study: Automotive Manufacturer

ShapeSpace were brought in to solve the problem of visualising the status of vehicle development in a rapidly changing environment. Management were provided with a tool to readily see programme status with a drill-down capability to view at the appropriate level of detail. Data was pulled from a number of hard to access information sources.

This allowed the programme managers to tell stories with the data such as: ‘Program X, Y and Z are all being held up by the exhaust system module and also maybe  design solutions in other modules that are near to the exhaust. After looking in a bit more depth, it seems it’s to do with thermal analyses not being done. I think we should shift some extra CAE guys onto these programs to clear the backlog and hire some more CAE people in the medium term.’

More Information

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